Auto Reinsurance

Three Rivers Executive Consulting works closely with all business clients on corporate cash management, succession/transition planning, retirement plan services as well as other services, but automotive dealers present a unique planning opportunity.

Automotive dealers are well aware of the importance their Financing and Insurance (F&I) profitability, especially as it relates to their service contract and warranty business. However, few dealers have considered the impact of taxation on this revenue stream and an even smaller subset of the dealer population has done something about it.

Three Rivers Executive Consulting partners with the best agents and administrators in the industry to establish and manage reinsurance companies owned by the dealer, or dealer reinsurance. Your dealer owned reinsurance company could provide tax-favored treatment of revenue, institutional asset management in accordance with a pre-established investment policy statement, ability to retain and accumulate investment earnings within your reinsurance corporation, in addition to many more benefits. To learn more or start a discussion, contact us today.